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If you’re newly interested in silver and its value then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve just completely rebuilt the site and will be bringing you new information on what’s happening with silver on a regular basis.

If you haven’t read the Now Invest In Silver book, you might want to start out by watching our video series which cover the information published in the book. Alternatively if you prefer to read it on your electronic device, or with a physical copy then you can also do that. It’s a very quick read and meant as an introduction for complete beginners so you should be able to zip through it quickly.

Have you wondered why all of these “we buy your gold and silver” stores have sprung up everywhere? You know they wouldn’t do it unless it would make them money right? Well, with the economy going through a lot of uncertainty many investors turn to what they know – where does the real value sit and how can they secure a piece of it. Gold and silver are unique compared to most other investment vehicles in that they are tied to currency. Those notes you are carrying around in your wallet are supposed to just be a token which represents something of ‘real’ value stored in a bank somewhere. That real value is gold and silver. The problem is – most people have no idea what the value of things are now, or that those notes are actually NOT tied to some gold or silver in a bank. Things have changed a lot since the banking systems were created and the real value of things is completely buried by all of the manipulations going on in the markets.

The value of silver is falsely suppressed and way below what it should be. That can’t last forever. In fact, since I wrote my Now Invest In Silver introductory book the price of silver has doubled. The irony is, when I wrote it people were already telling me “why bother, it’s too late now, look at how much silver has increased in price over the last 5 years – we’ve missed the boat”. Obviously they’re not saying that anymore, but the mindset most people have is that things are probably stable now. I’ll let you watch and decide for yourself.

Please take a look around the site and watch the videos, I’ll add more content as time passes and keep you updated on silver.


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Mohammed March 15, 2012 at 12:34 am

There are always going to be ppleoe withdrawing physical cash for some small transactions and if the smallest transactions are like $1,000, then there will be ppleoe withdrawing $1,000. If the smallest transactions are a trillion dollars, then there will be ppleoe withdrawing a trillion dollars in physical cash. They can not convince everyone to conform totally to a cashless society and they can not force them because forcing them to become a cashless society is defaulting. And defaulting will be the end of the seigniorage and the cause for the rise in prices/devaluation of the dollar. The cause of the rise in prices won’t be the larger bills, the larger bills will be the effect of the rise in prices. The cause of the rise in prices will be the banks defaulting on their promise to exchange the electronic certificates for the physical Federal Reserve Notes.This is not to say that increasing spending doesn’t devalue the dollar but you have to be careful, increasing the supply of Federal Reserve Notes is not the same thing as increasing spending. What we are experiencing today is proof of that. There is unprecedented increase in the supply of Federal Reserve Notes but spending is decreasing. With the decrease in lending and the increase in unemployment, spending will be decreasing regardless of how much printing is going on because the printing is only to feed those with minor transactions. 2 things can devalue the dollar: 1 spending and 2 defaults. Spending is decreasing and we are allot more likely to see true defaults(FDIC funds and reserve ratio’s are proof). The devaluation of the dollar will come through true defaults, not spending.In fact the supply of Federal Reserve Notes really has no direct barring on spending as all that is needed to increase spending is to punch the number keys on a keyboard and electronically charge for things. The only reason credit is contracting is because banks see that their vaults are becoming empty of physical cash due to the withdrawals ppleoe make to make their minor transactions and realize the more they expand credit the more ppleoe they are giving a right to to these Federal Reserve Notes. When banks expand credit, they don’t have to do it with physical cash, they can do it electronically or not at all but after they have expanded credit and that credit enters an insured bank account, that money that they just created electronically is now a right and promise for physical cash. So knowing this and knowing that banks vaults are practically empty, they don’t want to put any more pressure on the Federal Reserve to create more Fed Notes. Expanding credit is potentially putting more pressure on the Federal Reserve to create more Fed Notes. It’s like being in a boat at sea and the boat has holes in it and the Fed is trying to plug all the holes but expanding credit is potentially adding more holes to the boat.


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