Now Invest In Silver – Video Series

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Barbara March 14, 2012 at 4:35 pm

For a short term investment maybe. There are a lot of peaks and vaylels when investing in metals, and the value of your investment might decrease significantly over the next year or two. For a long term investment, probably yes. Silver and gold have been appreciating in value over the last decade because people know they’re more secure than dollars. The economy is going through a very turbulent time right now. People know that if inflation gets out of control, metals like silver and gold will retain their value, so a lot of people want to buy. If you had invested in silver in 2001 you would have more than quintupled your money by now.


Neha June 16, 2012 at 7:45 pm

it sounds like a bar from anoehtr country other than the English speaking countries. The weight is in grams (50) not in troy ounces and is sterling silver .925 not .999 like is sold in the USA. Are Cocepa and Argento, Spanish words? Find someone that speaks Spanish and see. There are few books if any on world silver or gold bars made by private mints and there are a lot out there. You may have some problems finding out. This is the best I can do. See what language Cocepa & Argento are. Argento may mean Sterling and Cocepa may mean weight.


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